"When I first started Getting Ahead I wasn't even sure I was going to finish.  But to my surprise, I'm going to miss this class when it's over.  I came in with a closed mind and will walk out with a new open mind.  I have met a great group of people and caring instructors." 


"Things take time I understand, but understanding how to formally speak to people you get more respect.  Every week, my life has improved.  I applied for school and a Pell grant.  I applied for a job but unfortunately didn't get it.  But that's one job out of a hundred and I won't give up."


 "I am thankful I was told about this Getting Ahead class.  It has inspired me to do better with my life.  To strive for middle class and get my children out of poverty.  I want them to be able to live in middle class and not struggle as I have for the last 4 years."