Looking to get involved? Become an Ally or Resource Partner!

Allies are volunteers who encourage partners to think and dream in future terms while discouraging decision-making based on the ‘tyranny of the moment.'   Allies are friends, guides and resources for persons transitioning from the ‘Getting Ahead’ groups. They provide insight, to see both obstacles and opportunities in the getting ahead process, and to offer alternate paths forward.

Process to become an ally:

  • Complete the application process.
  • Complete 8 hour training. (Nov. 10 & 12, Dec. 1 & 3- 6 to 8pm)
  • Be matched  with a Getting Ahead graduate.
  • Establish schedule to connect with your partner.
  • Participate in a kick off event, and monthly support sessions.
  • Provide feedback on the program. 

    ​For more information or an application Call 240-964-8422 

Resource Partners are community members who have committed to learn the language and philosophy of the Bridges program and provide, within their specific sectors and areas of expertise, support to those navigating social and economic systems in the process of getting ahead.

Resource Partners will be asked to attend a one-hour presentation on Bridges to Opportunity, to better understand poverty and the vocabulary of the initiative. If you are enthusiastic to learn more about becoming a Resource Partner, please contact Nancy Forlifer (Bridges Facilitator) at 240-964-8422 or nforlifer@wmhs.com.

 Your time would be truly invaluable in helping these driven community members to get ahead in establishing successful lives for themselves, their families, and our community.