Looking to get involved? Become a Resource Partner!

Bridges to Opportunity is a local effort bringing together individuals and organizations to develop a collaborative approach that enhances resources which promote opportunities for individuals and the community.

Resource Partner Job Description

Resource Partners form a pool of local individuals, who based on their talents, time, and personal experience are ready to be a resource to help graduates get ahead and stay ahead.  Resource partners are volunteers who work beside and encourage Getting Ahead Graduates to think and dream in future terms.  

Qualifications or Skills Needed
•    Able to listen and communicate openly and respectfully
•    Accept different points of view without judgement and a person’s right to make decisions for him or herself
•    Put oneself in another’s place to understand their experience
•    Available to fulfill the time commitment 
•    Supportive and work out of a sincere desire to improve lives of those in their community
•    Use experience to assist graduates to see alternate viewpoints, ideas and opportunities 

•    To attend the Resource Partner trainings 
•    To build appropriate positive relationship with graduates
•    To provide coaching in a specific area/skill to graduates
•    To help graduates overcome barriers that hinder the achievement of personal success
•    To foster growth by sharing resources and creating a safe environment to explore options
•    To comply with the policies, procedures and reporting associated with the initiative    

For more information, contact: nforlifer@wmhs.com  or 240-964-8422

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